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The development of your child's vision is affeted by certain illnesses, as well as the family history.  This questionnaire will provide information to complete a visual record, and aid us in determining how your child's vision has developed.

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Present situation

Does your child ever report:
Blurred vision
Eyes 'hurt' or 'tired'
Double vision
Have your ever noticed:
Excessive eye rubbing
Holding reading close
Frowning or squinting
Reversing words
Short attention span
Bumping into objects
Covers or closes one eye
Lerge pupils in bright light
General Health
Any alergies
Any significant injuries
or past illnesses
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Development History
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Is child active?
Family history
Are there any unusual eye conditions in the family?
Any diabetes in the family?
School history
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Visual history
Child's eyes ever crossed?
Date of last visual exam
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